Well, this is how it all began…

We started a conversation nearly 18 months ago about building a mobile commercial kitchen to bring exciting and new food to Stillwater. Who knew it would take us this long to get to where we are today? Now we are closer than ever to unleashing a serious kitchen onto the streets of Stillwater.

We started with an idea to bring new and creative food to Stillwater and then designed a kitchen to meet the high demands of the food. When we say kitchen, we mean a commercial kitchen on wheels capable of handling 100’s of guests. We didn’t just buy a used truck or trailer off the streets, we had one custom built to include equipment we have utilized over 30 years of combined experience in the kitchens we’ve worked in. Our final steps include putting our logo on the trailer, final health inspection, designing the menu and taste testing food with some local folks. We are ready to end the planning process and begin what we love to do the most…cook without boundaries!

Our kitchen truly has no boundaries so when you’re looking to plan your next event in a remote location without a kitchen or power source, contact Free-Range Kitchen. Our kitchen is built to travel and be free-standing with its own power and water source. We specialize in being able to set up and deliver food cooked onsite for your guests. So, if you want to have your wedding or event in a remote location and thought it couldn’t be done, contact Free-Range Kitchen to make your dream come to life. Or if you’re looking to have a unique catering experience at an event center that can incorporate action stations and a food truck atmosphere without the long lines, contact us!

Stay tuned, pictures of our street food tastings will be coming soon along with details of our beginning menus and locations! Our blog will be updated regularly to keep you posted on food we serve, where we’ve been, and events we attended. Be sure and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and we look forward to serving you soon!